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EXFOLISH (Scaling) Line

100% pure essential oil provide gentle and non-invasive exfoliation to remove flaky dead skin cells, while calming redness and itchiness. Rich nutrients will nourish and de-clog pores to aid in faster and stronger hair growth.

Made of PENTA MARINE formula, lavender oil, rosewood oil extracts

PENTA MARINE, a complex extract driven from 5 of the best ocean minerals; Seaweed, Plankton, Marine Collagen, Agar and Spiruling.

Apply to dry hair. First, section hair into 6 parts, 4 vertically and 2 horizontally. Apply 3-4 drops along each line and massage for few second to allow oil to seep through completely. Wash after 5 minutes with one of Perstige shampoo. Use 2-3 times a week. Shake well before each use.

Size: 2.02 fl oz / 60ml


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